July 20, 2017

DOJ Launches Criminal Investigation Into Uber

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Image Courtesy of UBER

The logo of the ride-sharing service Uber in front of its headquarters in San Francisco. (Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images) Last week, Uber teased ambitious plans to develop a network of flying cars by 2020. The press event briefly redirected the media’s attention to the skies at a time when Uber is bombarded with PR crises on the ground.

But the wheel of PR misfortune has resumed spinning.

Uber is now reportedly the subject of a criminal probe from the Department of Justice over a tool it built to help drivers dodge law enforcement in cities like Portland, Oregon, where Uber was not allowed. Uber and the Justice Department declined to comment on the investigation.

“We support the criminal investigation by the United States Department of Justice into Uber’s use of the Greyball tool to evade regulators, and will continue to move forward with our own efforts to subpoena the requested records from Uber,” Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman said in a statement.

The ride-hailing startup also entered the courtroom this week to defend itself against charges it stole trade secrets and intellectual property for its self-driving car business from Google’s Waymo. The case risks undermining what Uber describes as “potentially … the […]

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