July 22, 2017

Despite Its Scandals, People Still Really Want to Work at Uber

UBER partners waiting to be entertained at Kuala Lumpur Partners' Service Centre. UBER is a rideshare facility where users can earn money by becoming a driver.
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On Thursday, career site LinkedIn published a list of the 50 most in-demand companies to work for in the U.S. Factors included the rate at which LinkedIn users are applying to and viewing available jobs, how many non-employees are interacting with workers, and an employee’s’ average tenure once hired.

The top of the list isn’t too exciting: Alphabet , Amazon , Facebook, and Salesforce are well-recognized companies known for their cushy perks and generous salaries.

But then we get to spot no. 5: Uber. Despite a year of scandals and bruising PR, exemplified by a viral-blog post in which ex-employee Susan Fowler described a culture built on systemic discrimination and sexual harassment, people still really want to work at the company.

Fowler’s blog post does appear to have an impact. (The number of people viewing and applying for open positions at the company fell by about 15% in the months after she went public with her experience.) But overall, Uber is more popular now than it was a year ago. The number of users who view and apply for jobs at the company increased by 35% year-over-year, according to LinkedIn, while “unique job appliers nearly doubled in February from a year earlier.”


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