July 27, 2017

Deliveroo rider caught on camera preaching at Oxford Circus and ‘yelling to Muslims they don’t know the will of God’

Deliveroo cargo box near a parked bicycle with cafe terrace restaurant in the background to deliver on time the food to the client
Copyright: adrianhancu / 123RF Stock Photo

A DELIVEROO rider hopped off his bike to PREACH from a Bible in the middle of one of London’s busiest shopping streets before claiming Muslims “do not know the will of God”.

The self-employed delivery worker, who was apparently not on a shift at the time, was stood in front of his bike with its fitted Deliveroo box as he made the speech. 4 ‘You need to have a relationship with Jesus’: A photography student filmed the Deliveroo preacher 4 The god-fearing man was seen clutching a Bible whilst preaching to a crowd in Oxford Circus, London Photography student Cristiane Sversuti, 35, was travelling home when she came across the cyclist at roughly 6pm on May 2.

The amateur preacher, who appears to be a Christian, could be seen waving his arms around as he orated to a flow of people walking past.

Footage captures the moment he declared: “How can you proclaim to be a Muslim without knowing the will of God?”

He had earlier said: “You need to have a relationship with Jesus before you can testify ‘yes… Jesus is Lord.’

“Do you see how simple it is?”A Deliveroo spokesperson said the contractor was not on a shift and added the firm […]

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