July 23, 2017

Council likely to subpoena Uber for evading regulations

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Wednesday vote set over so-called Grayball software used to identify and avoid city regulators.

The City Council is expected to approve a subpoena to obtain documents from the Uber ride-sharing company about its early efforts to evade city regulations on Wednesday.

According to Commissioner Dan Saltzman, the subpoena is needed because Uber has so far refused to turn over requested documents about the reported use of its so-called Greyball software before the council authorized the company to operate in Portland and other cities. The federal government recently opened a criminal investigation into the allegation, which was first reported by The New York Times on March 3, 2017.

"We support the criminal investigation by the United States Department of Justice into Uber’s use of the Greyball tool to evade regulators, and will continue to move forward with our own efforts to subpoena the requested records from Uber. My colleagues on the City Council have formally signed on to a resolution to subpoena Uber and force the company to turn over the Greyball playbook and associated software," says Saltzman, who was in charge of the Portland Bureau of Transportation when the city’s investigation into the allegation was first launched. Mayor Ted […]

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