July 27, 2017


Today, there are several ways to reduce some of the costs of travel, including transport: car-pooling, car-sharing, discount parking … at airports, both in city centers and in city centers.

The long-term parking costs of a vehicle are very high. They may even count more than the travel ticket itself. In this month of May, to park from Friday evening to Monday afternoon at the airport of Roissy, I needed to count about 90 euros. Faced with this observation, I wanted to test the car-sharing service between travelers,  TravelCar . For those who do not know the principle (or this new name, it was still TravelerCar at the beginning of the year) in addition to saving you parking fees, the service offers to make you money, Renting your vehicle in your absence.

I thought it was necessary to stay for a minimum of time to be able to benefit from the service, but even for three days I was able to book a free parking at the airport of Roissy, or more precisely, at the parking of the hotel Pullman de Roissy.

In concrete terms, it’s a bit of organization anyway … Like when I rent my apartment on Airbnb and I count 1 day of housekeeping before the arrival of my hosts, to rent my car I took 2h to make a big cleaning. It was an opportunity! Titine is vacuumed and water-jetted to be like new, from the inside and that can be seen from the outside!

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