July 23, 2017

Chargers for electric vehicles coming to Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo

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BMW’s Seattle-based ReachNow division unveiled three electric-car chargers at the Woodland Park Zoo on Monday, with plans to add more citywide.

These devices are called “ Light & Charge ” because they can be combined with streetlights , giving them a dual purpose as electric-vehicle (EV) fuel stations. Anyone with an electric car may stop and buy electrons.

Starting Tuesday, the zoo will make three stations available that can fill a BMW i3 in four to five hours, the company said. A faster-charging station will be added soon. The stations are in the Otter lot along Phinney Avenue North, and each can charge two cars, for a total of eight.

ReachNow plans to install 20 stations at various Seattle locations, yet to be disclosed. These can fuel multiple users, to supply a total of 100 charging docks and a $1.2 million investment in the coming year. Chapters

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subtitles off, selected captions settings, opens captions settings dialog captions off, selected This is a modal window. The zoo was a good starting place because of its 1.3 million yearly visitors and sustainability programs, the company said.”Public access to charging stations is a critical step to increasing the adoption and use of […]

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