July 22, 2017

CEO Noam Bardin on Expanding Waze Carpooling

LOS ANGELES, May 12, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Shared rides and carpooling are the way many people are choosing to commute. Waze, founded in 2007 by Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar, and Uri Levine, changed the way we use navigation by cutting down the time of daily travel. In major cities like Los Angeles and New York , traffic can be a major problem. Well, Waze just may have the solution with its new addition of carpooling services.

MillionaireMatch wanted to know how a commuters daily life could be improved by using this service. CEO of Waze, Noam Bardin, got a full look on how the service could make a commuter’s life a little bit better.

Waze was acquired in 2013 by Google, and now boasts about 80 million users. The app shares real time traffic updates like oncoming accidents, police hubs or even hazardous alerts. With such success , what could Waze’s carpooling add? “I want to service people going to their factory everyday to work, and saving money not having to drive everyday. I want to give them a way to work,” Bardin said speaking on the community of people he knows this will help. With the carpooling option, the driver […]

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