June 28, 2017

BMW plans for a future where nobody buys cars

BMW M2 Coupe on display at the Brussels Motor Show
Copyright: jvdwolf / 123RF Stock Photo

The German carmaker is experimenting with a range of mobility services to try to connect with people uninterested in buying a car.

BMW isn’t the first automaker to embrace trends like ride-sharing and mobility apps. Competitors such as Daimler ( DDAIF ) and GM ( GM ) operate car-sharing services. But BMW’s tests in Seattle are unique in how the automaker is managing a fleet of 700 sedans and SUVs.

ReachNow, a mobility venture that BMW launched a year ago, is experimenting with a hybrid model of ridesharing and carsharing. Sometimes a professional driver uses a fleet vehicle to give rides, much like Uber or Lyft do. The next day, that car might be parked on the street for customers to reserve and drive, a model akin to Car2go, GM’s Maven and Zipcar. ReachNow CEO Steve Banfield said this flexibility better serves customers.

“You’ll want more drivers driving people around on New Year’s Eve, and you’ll want more cars on the road to take trips with on July 4th, just because the nature of those holidays,” Banfield told […]

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