July 25, 2017

Binge watching tonight? Send Uber to get dinner for you

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By UberEATS (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Uber, already a popular transporter of people in the Capital City, is now in the food delivery business in Sacramento.

The international rideshare company announced it is bringing its UberEATS service to Sacramento, starting Thursday. It joins an increasingly crowded field locally that includes national companies Caviar and Postmates as well as Sacramento-based Foodjets.

The burgeoning delivery industry takes advantage of smart phone app technology to offer restaurant food to people who are too tired to cook or to go out, but want a meal for their evening of binge television.

Customers order on their phone or computer from participating restaurants and have drivers pick the meal up and deliver it to the customers’ home, office or other chosen location.

“Everybody’s busy these days and wants the convenience of delivery from more than just pizza and Chinese restaurants,” said Darren McAdams of FoodJets, one of UberEATS’ local Sacramento competitors. “Companies have made it so easy to push a button on your phone.”

Uber, the leading app-based rideshare company in the country, has been expanding the UberEATS service nationally in recent months.“We are excited to announce that starting tomorrow, Sacramento will be home to UberEATS,” Chris Nakutus of UberEATS said in an email to The […]

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