July 20, 2017

Bill standardizing regulations for Uber, Lyft moves forward

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

A sign marks a pick-up point for the Uber car service at LaGuardia Airport in New York. Legislation to place ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft under the oversight of state government passed an initial hurdle Monday (May 1), with approval by the House Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works.

House Bill 527 proposes transportation network companies operate under a statewide system, through Louisiana’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry, that would administer a standard fee to the companies. The bill was filed by Rep. Kenny Havard, R-Jackson, and Rep. Page Cortez, R-Lafayette, who argued that ride-sharing companies can serve as "safe, reliable transportation" that is cheaper than investments into mass transit services like buses or trains.

The law is meant to not only expand ride-sharing services into other areas of Louisiana, but to also override the local ordinances that are already in place to regulate Uber and Lyft. The companies have argued in support of the legislation, saying that the current system involving different laws in different cities and parishes is confusing to riders and drivers. They say there are statewide systems in 39 other states, and Florida’s House of Representatives also approved a similar bill in April.

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