June 24, 2017

Best Practices for Production in the Age of Advanced Manufacturing

Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology.
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There’s been a lot of ballyhooing the last few years about all the ways technology is poised to dramatically alter and challenge the manufacturing landscape. While it’s true that the rising tide of robotics, automation, the Industrial Internet of Things, and AI are fast-tracking us all into a new reality, at the end of the day, one truism from our grandfathers’ manufacturing days still holds firm.

Regardless of whether we crowdsource our designs from people scattered around the globe, upload our part file to an online CNC machining platform that then automatically matches it to a CNC milling machine somewhere in Idaho or make use of in-house 3D printing, manufacturers are still in the business of making real, tangible, physical parts, components and products. We may cram 0s and 1s into everything we make in order to improve performance and customer experience, but one fact remains: What we make is real , even as the processes of making seem to become less so with each passing day. In this dawn of the Age of Advanced Manufacturing, companies taking advantage of bleeding edge technologies to win marketshare and cut costs must proceed in a sort of Limbo. With one foot in […]

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