July 22, 2017

Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses: Is Uber Coming To A Semi Near You?

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Founded in 2009, Uber works by allowing regular people with reliable vehicles to connect with individuals who need a taxi service. The Uber app lets users leave reviews for drivers and even pay with their credit card, so no money ever changes hands.

Uber has become so popular, it’s now being adapted to the world of trucking , which brings us to its spin off company, Uber Freight that purchased another business called Otto, according to a Popular Science report . The alarming aspect about Otto is it operates a fleet of autonomous trucks .

This new Uber company allows carriers to receive and transport packages. It also lets shippers connect with carriers directly to send their items — all without extensive contracts, broker fees, and red tape frequently involved in traditional shipping arrangements with trucking companies.

Where are Self-Driving Trucks Going?

In 2016, an autonomous Otto truck made a 125-mile journey across Colorado to deliver a load of beer. Amazon is apparently working to launch its own version of the Uber Freight business. Currently, Uber Freight is in a testing stage with plans to fully launch in 2017. Although Amazon hasn’t said when it will debut its truck driving service, […]

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