June 25, 2017

As Uber And Lyft Race Back To Austin, Riders And Drivers Proceed With Caution

Aerial - Colorado River west of Austin, Texas, looking north
Joe Mabel [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

“I would hate to not be able to drive,” said McIntosh, a retired chemistry professor who had just reactivated his Lyft driver account at the company’s local office.

McIntosh drove for both Lyft and Uber before they left town last May. He said he likes driving for Fare, which pays him almost twice as much as Uber did, but he feels he needs to drive for multiple ride-hailing apps.

“The other companies may quit doing business because Uber’s got a deeper pocket or some other reason,” he said. “Nobody knows the future.”

One thing that is close to certain: the future will most likely include Uber’s and Lyft’s return to Austin. Last week, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 100, which transfers the power to regulate ride-hailing companies from municipalities to the state. The bill paves the way for the companies, which left Austin over fingerprint-based background checks of drivers, to return to the city.

If the bill becomes law, ride-hailing companies would still be required to conduct background checks, although fingerprint-based […]

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