June 25, 2017

Are Uber and Ola good models for Indian cities?

Delhi and sarroundings aerial photo 08-2016
By Sumita Roy Dutta (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

That’s a tough question to answer because Indian cities were congested even before Uber and Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd) launched their services. It is also the question many city planners and administrators around the world are wrestling with; and there’s no clear answer. A recent report by Schaller Consulting suggests that cab aggregation services such as Uber might be responsible for an increase in congestion in New York City although the companies have disputed this.

Still, it is a fact that the onset of cab aggregation services has resulted in an increase in the number of cabs. For instance, New York had less than 14,000 yellow taxis in January 2017 and over 45,000 app-based taxis, according to a report in the The New York Times. Closer home, the National Capital Region (Delhi and its environs), has over 125,000 app-based taxis (and less than 10,000 black-and-yellow ones ). That’s 125,000 more taxis on the road than there were a few years ago.

The NCR has around 2.5 to 3 million cars. Not all of these are on the road everyday (indeed, a small proportion may never be driven), but there is no data on the number of cars on the roads […]

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