July 27, 2017

Airbnb suspends Istanbul host after police evict British guests from apartment

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Airbnb suspends Istanbul host after police evict British guests from apartment

‘Our original handling of this incident fell below the high standards we set ourselves’ Airbnb, the accommodation-sharing service, has apologised after a dawn raid on an apartment in Istanbul in which two British guests were detained and interrogated. Turkish police took action in a dispute over whether the company had the right to rent out the property.

Tom Duggan, 36, from London, told The Times that the pair were woken at dawn by seven police officers. He said: “We were pretty shaken by the whole experience. Wingly: Testing the Airbnb of aviation “They questioned us for over an hour about the purpose of our visit and to provide evidence that we were allowed in the apartment. We were really worried.

“They tried to contact the apartment owner but he wouldn’t answer their calls even though he’d been regularly in touch with us by text over the weekend.

“Eventually they explained that the owner was renting the apartment illegally and either he wasn’t paying tax or hadn’t registered it.”After signing a document in Turkish they were given their passports back. They then had 10 minutes to pack and leave […]

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