July 22, 2017

Airbnb rentals are available in every corner of the world – including Belize.

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AirBnB In Belize
Email You might know about the popular travel service called Airbnb. It’s an online marketplace for hospitality services, which allows property owners in different countries to offer anything from a room to a home, to tourists. Airbnb offers travelers cheaper accommodations than the traditional hotels and resorts, and part of the attraction is that it puts the tourist in the heart of a country like a local. Airbnb rentals are available in every corner of the world – including Belize.

There are over 400 property owners in Belize who are already registered as hosts in Airbnb. It matters because in countries where Airbnb has established a foothold, hotels have complained that the service has cut into their market. So, today, BTB hosted a 2-hour conference with representatives of Airbnb to learn first-hand about how their business works. 7News was there, and we got a chance to speak with the representatives of the online company, and with BTB. Here’s what they told us:

Shawn Sullivan, Representative – Airbnb
"Belize is not a big market for us but we think we have significant potential to grow. The countries where we are able to strike […]

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