July 27, 2017

Airbnb out to offer more room service to corporate travellers

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Making business trips a pleasure is the room-booking firm’s pitch Airbnb, that disruptive new kid on the hospitality block, is dying to come in from the margins, however lucrative, and join the mainstream.

Already a major force in American corporate travel, it’s pitching itself in the Irish market, saying that a quarter of a million companies use AirbnB for business trips.

And it’s tapped into the millennial push to experience a destination city, not merely arrive back at a homogenous hotel room after eating in a cookie-cutter hotel restaurant that could be in Boston or Bangkok.

Indeed, Airbnb reveals that over half of business trips on its platform included a Saturday night stay, so presumably its customers are after ‘bleisure’ – that mix of business and pleasure where the corporate traveller experiences more of a city than just a hotel room and convention centre. It’s an area that was also seen by Ben Harper of apartment rental giant Saco, which is due to open its own lifestyle-meets-business offering on Dublin’s quays in the near future.

But why the big push by Airbnb in recent months? It could well be down to the fact that Airbnb was last valued at around $30bn – nearly […]

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