July 27, 2017

Airbnb growth explodes in rural communities

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One thousand is the number of people who relied on an Airbnb host last year in Paducah according to the hospitality service. For an area like Paducah this hospitality service has grown 134% each year since 2008. After talking with Airbnb and a local host, I was able find out how much extra money you could make by being host.

Public Affairs representative Ben Breit says people are making some serious money. Last year alone, hosts made almost $100,000 in combined supplemental income.

Airbnb has exploded in rural areas. Type in Paducah, scroll down, and you’ll find your choice of 120 places to stay.

“I like Lowertown too. I love where I’m at down here. There are a lot of good people down here,” says Airbnb host Pat Herring. Herring enlisted Airbnb regular Marion Abell to help her get her 3 homes ready for guests. “If they have any questions they can send them through Airbnb to me,” explained Abell.

In 2016, almost 100,000 people chose to stay with an Airbnb host over a hotel in Paducah. Last month, 1,000 visitors opted to book a house or a room through the site. A location on Harrison Street and a house on […]

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