July 23, 2017

Airbnb gaining popularity in WNY as regulations are discussed

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Airbnb continues to gain popularity in Western New York. The company says 42,000 people used an Airbnb last year when they visited the buffalo-Niagara region. In 2014, only 7,600 visitors used the service.

Seth Amman and his wife have been hosting travelers at their home for the past five years.

“The first year or two it was really about the occasional business person and tourists going to Niagara Falls, not even to go to Buffalo,” said Amman.

“In recent years, people are coming to take their bar exam to be a lawyer,” said Amman. “We do get a lot of doctors or people doing their residency.”According to a new report Airbnb has released, the company generated $30 million in economic activity last year in the Buffalo-Niagara region. The study also said hosts in WNY earned an average of $7,250.Amman and his wife host a couple hundred people each year.He told News 4 the extra income helped soften the burden of their career changes.“Airbnb has actually helped buffer that change for us and it’s helped our careers in ways we probably wouldn’t […]

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