July 22, 2017

Airbnb for Doctors? This Startup Wants to Bring the Sharing Economy to Healthcare Pros

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A Chicago startup wants to help medical professionals earn money on their unused real estate through its Airbnb-type platform to doctors.

Clineeds , a startup founded two years ago by a team of UChicago-trained physicians, has built a service that allows healthcare professionals to advertise and network with other doctors who have office space to rent. The startup, which has been in stealth mode up until now, says it has over 450 clinics listing space on its site, and over 4,000 doctors, dentists, therapists and other healthcare pros have used Clineeds to search for office space.

Co-founder Rishi Garg said that Clineeds has given doctors access to more than 1 million square feet of commercial healthcare real estate that otherwise would not have been available.

“You can’t really go to Realtor.com to find commercial office space for healthcare,” Garg said. “Finding medical office space is a pretty tough deal.”

Garg and his co-founder Sumul Gandhi set out to bring a sharing economy approach to healthcare real estate. The site allows healthcare professionals to turn extra medical office and clinic space into rent, and gives doctors looking to expand their practice a place to find available space.

“Airbnb has a model where people […]

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