June 28, 2017

Airbnb a good company; there is much we can learn

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I have been an Airbnb host since 2012, starting a farmstay with one sheepherder’s wagon. No one stays in our home. Initially, I called all of the necessary agencies. They had never heard the term. It’s like a B and B, without the B, located on a farm. I didn’t need a B and B license, just pay the bed tax quarterly and all was well.

The county health department gave me the ok. About a year later, I received an email from said health department. I would need an annual inspection and state license, all adding up to dollar signs. Having no category for farmstays, they stuck me in campgrounds and trailer parks, rather than add a new slot. (Path of least resistance.)

I am inspected yearly, licensed, insured and pay quarterly bed taxes. Not being in the city limits, I do have an advantage of not answering to a municipal body. It’s only common sense to me that if you’re having John Q. Public stay in your home, it should be inspected, licensed through proper channels and pay your bed tax. I have no advice capping STR’s except the book “The Airbnb Story.” There are insights in it the […]

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