June 25, 2017

A “driver-friendly” Uber competitor is nickel-and-diming its drivers after its $200 million acquisition

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Juno always had the best sales pitch. The company started in New York in early 2016, a late entrant to the competitive ride-hailing business, but quickly made a name for itself by promising to be nicer to drivers . Juno pledged to keep its commission low, at 10% of a fare, and to operate a round-the-clock support center. It also told drivers that, by working enough hours, they could earn Juno stock from a special program , and share in the company’s long-term success.

Uber has alienated many drivers by repeatedly cutting fares and misleading them about how much they might earn. “A lot of Uber drivers’ complaints fall on deaf ears,” Talmon Marco, Juno’s founder, said in February 2016 . “Juno is literally addressing all of these pain points that Uber hasn’t done anything about for years.”

It took a little more than a year for Marco to convert that pitch into a sale. Juno said today that it had been acquired by Gett, another ride-hailing company in New York, in a deal priced at $200 million. Under the terms of the deal, Marco and his three co-founders, as well as the rest of Juno’s employees, will join Gett to […]

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