July 23, 2017

A bumpy ride for Uber drivers

uber driver in car
Image Courtesy of UBER

Josias Previlon never imagined that the state’s new restrictions on ride-hailing drivers would take away his livelihood.

He was among the first Boston-area cabbies to make the jump to driving for Uber, and he says he loved it. But in February, the state disqualified him from driving. He said that was because his driver’s license had briefly been suspended seven years ago for unpaid child support.

Previlon says he rectified the child support issue when it arose and moved on. “I never considered it a major issue for myself,” he said. “I was really shocked.”

Previlon was one of more than 8,000 drivers who have been blocked from driving under new state regulations that have taken hold. The new rules — which were agreed to in principle by the ride-hailing companies — are intended to ensure public safety. Obviously, that’s a vitally important goal.

But a growing chorus of critics believe that the regulations are ensnaring drivers whose histories don’t indicate a threat to public safety. And they fear that the regulations are disproportionately affecting low-income drivers.

Fortunately, they still have an opportunity to make their voices heard. The state’s regulations won’t be final until late this year. The critics are looking forward to […]

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