July 23, 2017

8 Tips to Become a Freelancer Through the Internet

Working freelance often dreams freedom, independence, creativity, flexibility, autonomy … However, a great question arises: how to succeed in this new idea? Indeed, to become your own boss is also to face alone to the work to be carried out. Well almost. The Internet is fast becoming your best ally in your quest for self-employment! Follow these 8 tips to become a freelancer:

1. Define the services to be offered

You are an expert in a field and you want to launch body and soul in its execution. You surely have a lot of ideas. The important thing is to define the services you want to offer your clients. An activity that you are passionate about and in which you excel. Programming, design, translation, graphics, marketing … these are just a few of the services you can offer. The important thing is to define your idea so to create the basics of your business. By selecting your activity, you become your own boss. 2. Complete the administrative steps

To access legally to the status of independent, you must register with the authorities in your area of residence. The activity carried out as a freelancer is then declared to USAID. […]

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