July 21, 2017

6 Millennials Share Why They Joined The Gig Economy And Ditched Their Day Jobs

Whether your primary motivation is to choose your own hours and work from home, travel the world while earning a living, become your own boss or otherwise, countless millennials are opting to ditch traditional full-time employment and cash in on the gig economy .

From putting your writing skills to use as a freelancer, to monetizing your own personal brand, acting in commercials, directing documentary films, selling fine artwork and more, there are many ways you can leverage your existing strengths to land high-paying contract work, even on the side of your day job to begin paving the way for your own self-employment.

To get a glimpse into why so many millennials are now choosing to forego the 9-to-5, I recently asked nine millennials who quit their jobs to share with me exactly why (and how) they they made the jump. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Courtney Koester, travel & lifestyle cinematographer and photographer .

As a filmmaker and photographer by trade, Koester currently freelances full-time with a Utah-based production company where she’s their main director of photography—which takes her traveling around the country to shoot documentary style promotional videos.How’d she […]

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