July 20, 2017

Woke Uber Alternative Juno Sells Itself, Screws Drivers Out Of Stock

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BUSINESS It built its brand as a company that would be better to drivers

Juno CEO Talmon Marco just having himself a good ole time Riding-hailing app Juno launched under the premise that treating its drivers as partners could lead to a competitive advantage against larger companies like Uber and Lyft. But just a year into the experiment, Juno has been acquired by competitor Gett, and the drivers the company supposedly wanted to champion are getting screwed in the process.

Juno rolled out a “driver restricted stock unit plan” last summer that allowed drivers who were active 24 out of 30 months to accumulate shares in the company. The potentially lucrative incentive drew drivers to Juno, but under the sale to Gett, the RSUs are getting nullified in exchange for small cash bonuses, leaving many drivers feeling bamboozled.

“Bait-and-switch is a morally bankrupt business model that’s rampant throughout the for-hire vehicle industry,” said one angry driver in a private Facebook group for Juno drivers in a sentiment that’s echoed among the community. “It will keep happening only if we let it happen. It will keep happening only if we are divided. We must unite to fight back.”

Juno still only operates in […]

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