July 25, 2017

Why Uber Shouldn’t Fire Its Bad Boy CEO

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In the last three months, Uber has been battered by a seemingly endless series of scandals: perceived strikebreaking outside of JFK airport; a backlash for joining President Donald Trump’s advisory council; a loss of 200,000 users; accusations of sexual harassment; a broken human resources department; allegations of trade-secret theft; law enforcement evasion; stalled self-driving efforts; and finally a salacious story involving Uber execs, Korean escorts, and karaoke. The accumulation of incidents has painted Uber as a win-at-all-cost place with little regard for its workers’ well-being.

CEO Travis Kalanick is believed to be the seed of this mentality, which begs onlookers to inquire: Why does Uber keep him?

That question continues to linger as pundits call for his removal. Any one, and certainly any two, of these violations could have led to the company’s CEO being dismissed. Even in Silicon Valley, where the cult of the company founder reigns, the last two years has seen founders pushed out for gaming the regulatory process and creating noxious workplace environs.

Last year in particular saw several high-profile departures. Zenefit’s CEO Parker Conrad stepped down after reports of unlicensed insurance sales representatives. Cofounder Tony Fadell left Nest amid rumors he fostered a difficult company culture. Outside […]

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