July 25, 2017

What everyone got wrong about Fiverr’s ‘Doer’ campaign

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By Fiverr (http://www.fiverr.com/) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fiverr In Doers we trust campaign Fiverr’s latest ad campaign is coming under fire for celebrating freelancers as martyrs of the gig economy, toiling and struggling — seemingly to the detriment of their own health — in the name of cobbling enough paychecks (or PayPal payments) together just to scrape by.

I happen to think the campaign is phenomenal, and others agree .

The insight of the Dreamer v the Doer is one that resonates with every freelancer, especially those who cut their teeth in the creative industry. There are the people who spend their mornings whiteboarding and pontificating on esoteric topics, and there are those who are taking risks, rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. This Fiverr campaign is their anthem.

At the center of the public ire is one particular campaign image, which features a woman with sullen eyes and unkempt hair alongside copy that celebrates replacing lunch with a cup of coffee and forgoing sleep for work. The photograph is the hero image of a thoughtfully-written New Yorker piece that criticizes the gig economy for condoning, if not extolling, the idea of “working yourself to death.” Fiverr Doer campaign In isolation, this specific campaign element might seem […]

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