July 25, 2017

Want to rent your home during the Super Bowl? St. Paul setting Airbnb rules

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Carla Solberg Sherman, proprietor at the Como Lake B&B in St. Paul, gets spring planters ready Thursday, April 20, 2017. St. Paul bed and breakfast owners say they’re held to higher standards, on top of taxes and fees compared to owners of short-term rentals such as Air BnBs. St. Paul is studying whether to regulate short-term rentals, and how. (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press) For seven years, Carla Sherman has leased out three suites in the Como Lake Bed and Breakfast to visitors from around the world.

With a view directly onto St. Paul’s Lake Como, her home is also her business. She’s taxed and regulated accordingly. She pays a state sales tax and a city sales tax, a transit tax and a local lodging tax.

State inspectors come by each year to conduct food and lodging inspections, licenses that together cost her $345. Her “umbrella” homeowner’s insurance policy covers guests if they slip and fall, at an annual cost of about $5,000.

Under St. Paul’s zoning rules, no bed-and-breakfast can operate within 1,000 feet of her own. She can’t serve guests more than a few ounces of alcohol. She can’t rent out more than four rooms. All in all, she’s inspected, […]

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