July 23, 2017

Verify: Should you quit your job for Uber?

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I’ll never forget my first Uber Ride. I was in New York City, walking out of an event with my friend Raul de Molina and his wife Milly. He explained what the app was about and my whole world changed. I suddenly looked back at the years of standing on a corner in the cold and walking in heels for miles.

Then I looked ahead at the future of my life: simplified.

Back in Miami, the app boosted my social life as I started going out more. I no longer stayed at home after frustrated attempts of calling a cab, fearing impossible parking in Miami Beach, a DUI or a night of forced sobriety as the designated driver.

I have since been a fervent Uber supporter, signing petitions to keep the app in South Florida, bring it to Puerto Rico and limit regulation. All the drivers I had spoken with seemed happy, until recently.

It’s been about 4 years since I’ve started Ubering around the world, everywhere from Chile to China. But, just recently I made an observation. I’ve never met any driver who has been Ubering for over a year. I always ask and people seem to fluctuate anywhere from four days […]

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