July 21, 2017

United Passenger Dragged; Uber Blames ‘Bad PR’: What To Do When The Hits Keep Coming

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The current news is a hit parade of bad PR for United Airlines and Uber. Two weeks ago, the social universe went wild when a United employee rejected two teen passengers for wearing leggings. In the aftermath, while fumbling for a coherent response, the airline said the two were “pass riders”—employees or friends of the airline—and were thereby required to adhere to a dress code as representatives of the company’s brand. “To our regular customers, your leggings are welcome,” they said. The response was too little, too late and too confusing to mollify the social media storm. United Airline’s response to its latest PR disaster is too little, too late. Earlier this week an even bigger crisis erupted when a boarded passenger refused to leave an overbooked flight, with video emerging of the wailing passenger being physically dragged through the aisle. Again, the airline’s handling of the crisis has left customers and observers angered or even outraged.

Despite the PR backlash, however, the airline’s stock has been unaffected with shares closing slightly up for each of these days. Said CFRA analyst Jim Corridore: “…We think this situation was handled in a deplorable fashion, but note that United has the right […]

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