July 21, 2017

Uber Reportedly Tracked iPhones Even After The App Was Deleted, Bought Lyft Receipts

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It’s been a busy spring for Uber, in all the ways that companies usually try to avoid. Now, among all the allegations of tracking programs from “ Greyball ” to “ Hell , come a pair of new claims that won’t do anything to improve Uber’s dodgy reputation with regard to privacy

Included in the New York Times’ new, in-depth profile of Uber CEO and lightning rod Travis Kalanick, are two items that are of particular interest to Uber users who care about privacy.

First, there’s the claim that Uber was tracking iPhones even when the Uber app was not in use. Then there is the allegation that the company was using third parties to track how much its customers used competing service Lyft. ‘Fingerprinting’ iPhones

One day in 2015, the NYT reports, Kalanick got called down to Cupertino to meet with none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook. As it turned out, Uber was tracking iPhones persistently in a way that was a big, big no-no for Apple. Cook told Kalanick to knock it off, or he’d have Uber kicked off the platform.

The problem was something called “fingerprinting.” Much in the same way people can be identified wherever, whenever they […]

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