July 23, 2017

Uber promises flying cars by 2020

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GA joins effort

Silicon Valley put down an ambitious marker in Dallas, with the multibillion dollar, international ride-sharing giant Uber on April 25 predicting that long-elusive, practical flying cars will arrive by 2020, ready to be scaled for the masses. Aurora Flight Sciences unveiled an electric VTOL prototype, left, and Carter Aviation Technologies will team up with Mooney International to build a CarterCopter variant for Uber air taxi service. Images courtesy of Aurora Flight Sciences and Carter Aviation Technologies. General aviation companies announced partnerships with Uber at the same conference, Uber’s Elevate Summit , an event that included speakers and panelists on a list that reads like a who’s who of regulation and research that is paving the way for a future airspace crowded with all sorts of aerial vehicles, manned and unmanned, piloted and autonomous. Uber published a white paper in October detailing the company’s vision to fly the masses in small, electric vehicles . The summit in Dallas focused on Uber’s vision, along with the concepts being developed by aircraft makers and related technologies on April 25 and 26, followed on April 27 by an FAA and General Aviation Manufacturers Association aircraft certification workshop.

Uber’s vow to […]

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