July 20, 2017

Uber Employees Hate Their Own Corporate Culture, Too

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Uber trails three of its next-most valued fellow unicorns in employee culture scores. Uber still leads Silicon Valley’s unicorns when it comes to valuation, but when it comes to culture, new employee feedback data suggests it’s significantly trailing its billion-dollar tech peers.

Employees at Uber give their own company’s culture a much lower rating than their peers self-assess at Airbnb, Pinterest and Dropbox, three of the next closest U.S. tech companies by valuation. Uber also trails the three in employee marks for professional development, executive approval and among women and employees with at least three years of experience, according to the data as analyzed by startup Comparably.

Uber employees scored their company a 62 out of a possible 100 on average, trailing Dropbox at 70, Airbnb at 72 and Pinterest at 74. The company scored a 60/100 among female employees as well as among those with three to six years of experience, well behind Airbnb’s third place 66/100 score among women and Pinterest’s 64/100 rating for veteran staffers. Uber also lags among those with three years of experience. And Uber trails among female employees, too. Comparably’s data comes from active company employees using the startup’s service to compare their salaries to […]

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