July 21, 2017

Uber drivers sound alarm over teen rider program, call for additional protections

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Some Uber drivers are concerned about transporting teens without knowing it. (Shutterstock Photo) A new program that allows parents to book Uber rides for their teenagers has some drivers pumping the brakes .

Uber began testing teen accounts last month in Seattle, Phoenix and Columbus. For an extra $2 in booking fees, parents can set up rides for kids between the ages of 13 and 17 and get notifications about the trip’s progress. Drivers are not notified when they are transporting a teenager and are paid the same amount as they would for driving an adult.

That’s a big problem for Alison Rapp, a mother of two living in Poulsbo, Wash., who started driving for Uber when chronic illness made it too difficult for her to work a regular full-time job. Alison Rapp is a mother of two teens who drives for Uber in the Seattle area. (Photo via Rapp) “I think that they are misleading the parents enormously,” she said. “The parents are paying extra and in my mind, as a parent, if I am paying extra I’m expecting extra attention. There’s no possible way that the driver can be giving extra attention because the driver has no clue that […]

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