July 20, 2017

Top 5 Business Skills Every Freelancer Should Master

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So you’d like to be a successful freelancer?

Being competent in your field by honing your skills is the first step, and equipping yourself with the best trade tools is another. However, one thing a highly successful freelancer should never overlook is developing razor-sharp business skills. You are, after all, an entrepreneur in your own right with having to manage your own work and income, and with the services you offer as a freelancer.

Put yourself in the headspace of a CEO with these top 5 basic business skills you’ll need to succeed. Master these and you’re on your way to making your freelance career fly sky-high! 1. PR & Communication

Winning over a loyal client starts with building rapport. Yes, they gotta like you — A LOT. To start off, you need to be able to clearly communicate with them in a professional and friendly manner. Being easy to talk to puts employers at ease to keep working with you.

By all means, make sure you understand what they need. Ask questions if you have to and give prompt responses. Additionally, doing them tiny favors that won’t cost you much (or anything at all) is an effective self-promotion. It’s simply the […]

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