July 25, 2017

This Lyft Driver Is Making It His Mission To Educate Riders About Rape Culture

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Image Courtesy of Lyft

Tro’Juan Henderson, a 28-year-old Lyft driver, refused to pick up an intoxicated woman during his Wednesday shift in Dallas.

He explained why in a PSA about fighting rape culture on Twitter.

The woman, who could barely walk, was escorted out of a hotel by two female friends who handed Henderson the keys to her apartment, and requested that he drive her home and get her inside safely.

He asked if at least one of the women would ride with her, offered to cut down the payment to get them both home and also offered to call another Lyft driver if that would make them more comfortable.

They declined his offers, so he cancelled the ride. Lady request Lyft and attempts to put her friend who is intoxicated/unconscious in my vehicle by herself. #SexualAssaultAwareness . #Safety pic.twitter.com/vzOqdalZpX

— Tro’juan (Tro•won) (@Trojuan_) April 13, 2017 Henderson stresses in his Twitter video that he didn’t want to encourage the practice of people not taking better precautions with inebriated friends.He says in the video, Even though I won’t rape or sexually assault this lady…as a friend, that puts your friend in a possibility of great danger. Henderson, who is a poet and advocate for domestic violence and […]

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