July 21, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Shipping a Car or Truck

A DIY guide to the world of shipping a vehicle.

Some people love vehicles and search all over the country to find the right one. Alternatively, some people need to re-locate for a job or family and driving a car from point A to B is not always possible. There is plenty to worry about when it comes to shipping a vehicle. Sometimes damage happens or scheduling is an issue. Whether the vehicle is a Ferrari or a Ford this video details some of the nuances of shipping a car. 1. Deciding on Whether or Not Ship a Vehicle

If a normal person has never shipped a car it maybe overwhelming at first and just driving it maybe easier. Sometimes if a buyer is planning on getting a new car the experience of doing a road trip with a friend, loved one or even alone can be well worth the memories, something shipping can strip the fun away. However, if time is worth more than the dollar amount than shipping is the way to go.

2. Open or Closer Carrier

Open trailers are far cheaper and quicker to schedule as they are more common. The issue with open trailers […]

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