July 25, 2017

The face of ‘gig’ work is increasingly female — and empowered, survey finds

We have a long way to go. Time (Photo: diego_cervo, Getty Images/iStockphoto) Got a side gig? You’re not alone. And among those in the ranks of the on-demand, or "gig," economy are more and more women.

Tuesday is Equal Pay Day , a symbolic date that shows how far into 2017 women need to work to earn what men earned in 2016. Hyperwallet , a company that manages payments for a number of gig-economy companies, released data Tuesday on women’s roles in the sharing economy.

Among the findings: Professional freelance work, like computer programming via Upwork, was the most popular type of gig work. Direct selling – Mary Kay, Rodan + Fields, Stella & Dot – was the second most popular.

Women cited flexible hours and control over earning totals as the top benefits of gig work; however, they also cited inconsistent income and a lack of benefits among major drawbacks.

86% of female gig workers in the U.S. think gig work opens the door to equal pay to their male counterparts. The same group of women said that just 45% of traditional jobs offer the same opportunity.

However, while many women have turned to gig work to supplement income, […]

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