July 20, 2017

Taxi, Uber rules in Everett get sidetracked over insurance

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EVERETT —The Everett City Council last week took another stab at revising its rules regulating taxis, Uber and other internet ride-hailing companies.

As happened when the council members first took up the issue in January , they got hung up on the nuances of insurance and other provisions in the ordinance.

The council voted unanimously Wednesday to table the measure indefinitely until the city staff could conduct additional research.

Uber, a company that hires drivers as independent contractors to ferry passengers in their personal vehicles, had raised several concerns about the ordinance in past months. Insurance was one of the major issues.

Assistant City Attorney Katie Rathbun said that the intent was to create a uniform set of regulations governing taxi companies and what the city calls transportation network companies, such as Uber and Lyft. The city looked at regulations in Olympia, Bellingham, Vancouver and Kennewick.

“The provisions we’re adopting are all operating in other jurisdictions where Uber is operating,” Rathbun told the council.Caleb Weaver, the public affairs manager in Washington for San Francisco-based Uber, said that wasn’t the case.“We would not be able to buy an insurance product that meets these requirements,” Weaver told the council.The reason is that drivers for Uber are […]

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