July 25, 2017

San Angelo’s Battle Over Ride Sharing and Lyft

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Lyft Ride Sharing SAN ANGELO, TX — Lyft, a ride-sharing system powered by a mobile phone app opened in San Angelo on March 30. Anyone living in San Angelo can apply online to offer rides in their vehicle. Lyft, a San Francisco-based tech company, vets the applicant by conducting a background check and vehicle insurance validation check. Approved Lyft drivers are then given access to the “driver” functionality on the app.

Riders wanting Lyft can download the mobile app, enter their credit card, and use the app to call for a Lyft. When the rider hails a ride, the Lyft driver is notified via a push notification. The driver has 15 seconds to accept or decline the ride. Likewise, the person requesting the ride then has the opportunity to accept or reject the ride after being notified of the assigned driver and the driver’s five-star rating.

Lyft drivers and riders rate one another using a five-star rating system. If a Lyft driver’s rating drops below 4.3 stars, the driver may be kicked off the system, according to comments in a Lyft drivers’ forum on Reddit.com.

Officials at the City of San Angelo are unsure about the safety of Lyft. Police Chief Frank […]

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