July 25, 2017

Rude guests, broken wi-fi and a lot of floor scrubbing – this is what it’s really like to be an Airbnb host

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The need to make Airbnb rentals into hotel-style sanctuaries is a strain on hosts The secretary general of the UN World Tourism Organisation (I know, me neither) has news for hotels. Shut up about Airbnb : the sharing economy is here to stay. The hotel industry “should realise that it is not going to go away,”

Taleb Rifai said at a Tourism Global Summit this week, “so instead of weeping and moaning and yawning and saying ‘no no no, we don’t want it’, it must find ways of coming to terms with this phenomenon.”

Well, I have news for hoteliers. Airbnb clients miss your style. They miss it so much they want you to be replicated in the Airbnb model. Yes, I know the “Air” in the brand means “Air bed”, but if you dared to offer an air bed these days, you would be hounded off the internet. Airbnb guests want a hotel, in the shape of your house. They want the spirit of Ian Schrager to inform each room. They want deluxe. I say this with confidence, having had a couple of bruising encounters with Airbnb guests at Millard Towers.

“There too many stairs in your house,” wrote one reviewer, […]

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