July 21, 2017

Power to the People – uShip, HomeAway, TicketCity Execs on the Role of the Marketplace Economy

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In the marketplace of the Sharing Economy , new and different online business models facilitate bringing consumers and sellers together in a powerful way.

Choice, trust, ease of use, and pricing are driving a new way of doing business, for both supply and demand sides in the world of the online marketplace today. Heather Hoover-Salomon , Executive VP of Operations at uShip, Tina Weyand, Chief Product Officer at HomeAway , and Ashley Boening, VP of Marketing at TicketCity were among online business leaders speaking on the “Power to the People” panel at SXSW in Austin, Texas, last week. Customers benefit from a vast new market of that expanded choice where pricing is dictated by supply and demand.

It’s critical that a marketplace’s value is conveyed to customers, says Hoover-Salomon. She also says the trust is huge. A company has to stand behind its product — the marketplace — to ensure that content is true and accurate in a venue that can be confusing, moreso as the market grows and iterates over time. In the online sharing economy, the available immediate feedback loop is critical, too. Steve Dorsey, VP of Innovation and Planning at Austin American-Statesman pointed out that, as a news […]

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