July 20, 2017

‘Phantom’ Uber drivers not where they appear to be

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Uber admits ride-sharing app can be ‘spoofed’

The next time you request a ride through Uber, you might wind up waiting longer than expected.

As the Milwaukee-based TMJ4 discovered on the streets of Milwaukee, some Uber drivers are not where they appear to be.

One frustrated driver for the ride-sharing app is convinced some of his competitors are cheating the system.

"If you don’t know where to sit, you ain’t making money," said Uber driver J’Gai Starks.

Starks said that competition over the prime spots to pick up rides has enticed dishonest Uber drivers to fake their locations on the app.This allows an Uber driver to appear in the app some place it is not, such as in a no-parking zone outside a hotel.Starks said he noticed this happening in late 2016 and complained to Uber about those phantom vehicles."These guys had their icons in places I couldn’t be. So I had to ask [Uber] what’s up with this," he said.According to online forums and chat rooms frequented by Uber drivers, a smartphone can run software that fakes or "spoofs" a driver’s location in the ride sharing app.Spoofing can make a driver appear to be in a prime parking spot in a busy […]

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