July 25, 2017

People are really annoyed about Airbnb’s ‘hidden’ 3% conversion fee

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Airbnb If you’re an Airbnb user, chances are that you’ve probably booked a room in another country at some point.

If you’ve done that in the last six months or so, you probably paid more without even realising it.

Airbnb has started charging a 3% currency conversion fee — and won’t give you the option of paying your host in their local currency.

A Reddit user commented this week : “I had to stay in an Airbnb in Asia for 3 months … and this policy absolutely fucked me over. All said and done, I probably paid $150 in fees that I absolutely did not need to pay. I could have used my credit card and gotten a 0% fee.”They added: “It’s absolute bullshit and nothing more than an extra ‘hidden fee’ [that Airbnb] is pocketing.”Over on Airbnb’s own forums, another user wrote: “This is dumb and inefficient – even worse, they pass this inefficiency off on me. Give customers the option to pay in the currency of their […]

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