July 21, 2017

No, Uber Drivers Are Not Entrepreneurs

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CREDIT: Getty Images It’s time to put to rest the ridiculous marketing message that Uber is somehow creating entrepreneurs.

Uber drivers are contract labor. Yes, they get to set their own hours. But that’s also true of manufacturing laborers who are paid according to how many items they produce or agricultural workers who are "paid by the bushel."

True entrepreneurs start businesses by doing something new. They have control over their ideas. They run their business. They make decisions. They hire people.

Uber drivers do none of these things. They work under conditions set by Uber and then are manipulated to behave in ways that are often contrary to their own interests.

The only new thing about the so-called " gig economy " is that technology helps companies like Uber bypass hard-won worker protections. The result is not more entrepreneurs , but the creation of an economy where being a real entrepreneur becomes harder every year.Right now, the US is one of the least entrepreneurial countries on earth. It launches fewer startups and few small businesses than most other countries. As Forbes recently pointed out: "Start-up activity has been slowing down in the United States for about three decades, […]

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