July 21, 2017

New uShip CEO Mike Williams hoping to increase business freight in principal marketplace

In all the hype around the “uberization” (or streamling/partial automation) of the truckload freight transaction and some companies’ goal of bringing truckers and their shippers closer together, there’s one outfit that’s rather quietly continued to be an option for hotshot and other truckers to connect directly to consumers and some businesses with smaller freight to move. uShip, founded more than 10 years ago, has continued to grow in terms of its reach over many years now, and, in February, Mike Williams took hold of the reins as CEO.


On-demand load-matching services are seeing some success circumventing traditional brokers, promising gains for owner-operators in rates, freight availability and productivity. While no one service will …

The company was just off a new infusion of venture funding ($25 million worth) from European third-party logistics (3PL) firm D.B. Schenker. uShip’s Pro freight-automation technology platform is the backbone of D.B.’s Drive4Schenker platform , through which as many as 5,000 loads a day will ultimately be matched within a network of more than 30,000 Schenker partner carriers — the platform launched a little more than two months ago.

In a press release accompanying the announcement of the funding round, Williams was quoted as such:

“Major players […]

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