July 20, 2017

‘My Airbnb flat was turned into a pop-up brothel’

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Police have warned owners of short-term holiday lets that their properties are increasingly being used for prostitution. Colin (not his real name) contacted the BBC when he discovered the flat he rents out on Airbnb had been turned into a pop-up brothel. Here he tells his story, while below Charlotte – a sex worker who rents short-term lets in a different part of the country – explains why she goes "on tour".

Colin: I feel like I’ve been conned. I feel like I’ve been deceived and forced into doing something that I wouldn’t ordinarily have done.

I lived here for six years, then I moved away, so I’m letting it out.

You could get four people in here, so [£85 per night] is pretty good compared to a hotel rate.

They made a booking through the Airbnb website. They messaged and said that they wanted to pay cash, which I was a little bit suspicious of, and I refused that.

It’s not only against the rules, but also if anything goes wrong then it’s a booking that’s outside of the website and not covered by any of the guarantees. You might as well just get someone in off the street.So when they checked […]

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