July 21, 2017

Mississippi Dept. of Revenue pushing to tax Airbnb, other rentals like hotels

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The state Department of Revenue is planning a change in regulations that would require people renting homes, condos or rooms through services such as the Airbnb online marketplace — or any other form of advertising or listing — to be taxed like hotels.

The change would require anyone renting a home, apartment, condo or room to a transient guest — for less than 90 days — to collect and remit 7 percent state sales tax on gross revenue from the rental and related charges (such as soap, coffee, food or other amenities). It also would require collection and remittance of any applicable local government "hospitality" taxes, of which there are more than 80 in Mississippi.

Other states and cities levy similar taxes, but the move is drawing fire from both ends of the political spectrum in Mississippi.

"This is creating new taxation without the elected representative Legislature participating," said Democratic state Rep. Jay Hughes of Oxford who posted alerts and criticism about proposed DOR changes on social media. Hughes said there appears to be a stealthy move — through DOR administrative changes — to shift the state’s tax burden from big businesses to working stiffs and, "also a way to raise taxes […]

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