July 20, 2017

Marijuana Delivery Via Drone Could Be Just Around the Corner

Drones could be used to deliver marijuana. Despite the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, delivering weed is still a risky business. Pot delivery services currently are illegal in the city of L.A. (though that’s likely to change), and drivers carrying cash and cannabis could become targets for police and robbers alike.

Cannabis delivery service Eaze (which operates statewide but not in the city of L.A.) is dreaming of another way. Over the weekend the company demonstrated drone delivery of marijuana at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. Though it says the technology is perhaps years away from being put into use, the "Drone Lifted Experience" demo (see video, below) showed how simple it could be.

At the National Orange Show Events Center, Eaze had a drone lower a package into the eager hands of a participant. "The biggest takeaway from the demonstration is how technology is moving the industry forward," says Sheena Shiravi, Eaze’s head of public relations. "It’s not that far away."

The legality of drone delivery is still up in the air. The L.A. City Council has been empowered by voters, who approved Measure M in March , to set up a framework to legalize delivery — […]

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